Bitcoin is back at it again and the mainstream media has been in a frenzy talking about it. There’s no doubt that this media craze and retail FOMO is contributing to the parabolic rise in bitcoin prices as it charged past $20k last week. Just like in 2017, this…

When it comes to investing, diversification is often the best thing you can do to protect yourself from irrational movements of the market. In traditional assets, people most frequently invest via ETFs, Index Funds, and through other means that sufficiently diversify their funds to capture the general upside while…

Whatsup crypto fam — TheGameTheorist here to warn of a serious scam I came across today when redownloading Metamask.
See below.

Notice the “Ad” and incorrect font.

As newcomers enter the crypto space with BTC near ATH, remember that many are not aware of these tricks. You can clearly see the incorrect font in the “K”, the capital “T”, the space before “.io” as well as it being

That being said, if you are just clicking through fast and you happen to click the website it is a COMPLETE IDENTICAL.

So make sure that you are super careful, and HODL on.
Your crypto will be very very valuable someday - treat them as such.
I’ve made some announcements on Reddit and such in hopes of someone with the power to remove this seeing it. Please share.



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What a month it has been. With bitcoin reaching levels near it’s all time high, alt coins followed in it’s path with a huge rally. XRP made a big move going up over 40% in a single day and even…

Seems Legit

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